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a hybrid place for Art, fashion, digital books & music

Online gallery, concept store, fictional library, KUHN webspace is a hybrid place where Art, fashion, craftmanship, music & fantasy storytelling blend into an interdimensional project called Ann-Kathrin KUHN 2.0 


Merci, 2017, engraving on aluminium, epoxy resin, 150 x 230 cm

Ann-Kathrin KUHN,Intergalactic Goddess Adventures, Volume 1 : Cyber Love, 2017 © Les Revues de mythes, Ann-Kathrin KUHN

Jewellery as a physical extension of the individual's deepest self

 There's an intimate relationship between the wearer and the piece of jewellery. It touches the skin, adorns the body and embodies the mind. It holds either symbolic or seductive virtues. Thus it is an object to be treasured. 

KUHN creates new, engaging statement jewellery and accessories combining art and design.  All designs are limited editions or one of a kind, as KUHN strongly believes in the quality and singularity of a handcrafted object opposed to mass produced merchandise and the neverending fashion race.