My name is Ann-Kathrin Kuhn and I work across art, design and craftsmanship. My ideas develop into multiple shapes, from jewelry and metalwork to paintings, sculptures and installations. 

The coexistence of these mediums results in an eclectic body of work which I think of as a morphing entity. Thus, each artefact is autonomous and part of a whole at the same time. This holistic approach of creation is a celebration of artistic freedom. 

Paysage (detail), Oil on wood, epoxy resin, 200 x 250 cm Ā© photo: Bastien Seon
IGA #1: Cyber Love
Intergalactic Goddess Adventures #1: Cyber Love (Detail)

The world of
Ann-Kathrin Kuhn

Ann-Kathrin KuhnĀ® – Wearables and Collectibles – is also the name of an eponymous project which was born from my artistic practice and research, and conceived as an extension to it. Interweaving various fields of expression, the project is an ever evolving hybrid: a jewelry and accessory line, a No-ISBN publishing house, and an online collectibles boutique.

Through its virtual and physical presence at pop up markets and concept stores, Ann-Kathrin KuhnĀ® presents small series of objects, limited editions to be worn or collected. 

Jewelry and metal objects

My jewelry and metal objects are slowly and carefully handcrafted in my studio located in the Engadine mountains, Switzerland. I work in small editions as to favor quality and a meaningful production. This allows each piece to keep its integrity while being infused with its own personality.

To create objects in metal, I mainly work with the ancient technique of the Cire Perdue. Sculpting out of wax or directly working with nature, incorporating elements found during walks in the forests or on the beach, and elements connected with a special memory or gift.

Each model is then cast in Bronze, Sterling Silver or Gold at a local family business in Florence before returning to the studio, where I finish and polish each piece.

By using my own formulas and wax mixtures, I can shape and sculpt the material according to my ideas. This allows me to create certain textures or physical specificities that I could not obtain with industrial waxes and makes each piece more personal.