The product sits 10 cm high and the widest point is 12 cm. Despite its delicate look, it is heavy & sturdy and has a great stability on the ground. It has a hexagonal opening with sides of 4 cm for air circulation and easy access.

Width (widest point) 12 cm
Height 10 cm
Volume 480 ml
Hole diameter 9 cm

This geometric piece is handcrafted from 2 mm clear glass which is cut by hand and the edges are then ground smooth, cleaned and copper foiled. Next, the pieces are perfectly assembled and soldered together with care. The final steps are to wash, patina and wax the terrarium.


This product comes with four finishing options which are black, silver, rustic copper and bright copper. Please check the last image to see all finishing options and pick the one you like while ordering.

  • Black: Shiny finish with smooth texture
  • Silver: Shiny finish with smooth texture
  • Rustic Copper: Dark and matte copper shade with blotchy texture
  • Bright Copper: Bright and shiny copper shade (close to rose gold) with smooth texture

Please allow 1-2 weeks for production process since each item is made to order, just for you! We’ll let you know with a tracking number once your order is shipped. Please check our policy for more information about shipping and estimates.

PLEASE NOTE that this listing is for the glass only. Plants and soil are not included. This piece of art creates a perfect environment for members of succulent, cactus and air plant families which can be purchased at any garden store.

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