Baia ring no.1 (Unbalanced)

One of a kind ‘Baia’ ring no.1 (Unbalanced)

The Unbalanced ring is the first in the Baia series, an ongoing collection of original hand-carved rings. Each one features a sea glass stone and each piece is unique.

The Unbalanced ring disrupts its apparent geometry through its stone, which undulates like a floating cloud, playfully and innocently menacing the equilibrium of what it rests upon.

Hand sculpted, cast, and finished in Bronze with a frosted glass stone collected on the shores of the Mediterranean sea, in a fisher’s bay in Liguria, Italy.

Size- US size 5 / European 49 and a half / Italian & Swiss 9 / UK J


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Baia ring no.1 (Unbalanced)


The Baia series is a four-hands with nature. Erosion, waves, and time have transformed the sharp edges into curved shapes and polished the shiny surfaces.

Each ring is the materialization of a memory and the fragment of a melody, an encounter between a human being and nature. On the shores, the goldsmith’s work of the sea offers industrial archaeology. Baia is an ongoing duet with the Mediterranean sea, diverting its industrial remains through creation.

Additional information

Weight 8,7 g
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 0,8 cm


Care instructions

Wearables are delicate and should be handled with care. Remove yours when washing hands and do not expose it to perfume, detergents or chemicals of any kind, as they may tarnish or harm the finish and gemstones. Remove it during sports, before bed and avoid knocking or dropping it, as twist may occur or stones may come loose.
To protect your wearable, store it in its original box in a dry place.